Christian Guitar Picks with Popular Bible Verses

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In stock on December 28, 2016

Guitar picks are a must have if you want to produce a warm and round music on your guitar. Guitar picks are very essential for any guitarists both beginners and pros. The good news is, we have personalized picks that are perfect for your playing at church. NewEights Christian Guitar Picks with Popular Bible Verses are best gift for baptism, and church members and friends.


• Are you are in search of guitar picks that come with a moving and inspirational message?

• On the search for top of the range guitar picks that are easy to grip and will provide warm musical tones?

• Do you need something that won’t break easily and are very reliable, strong, and dependable? Then you don’t have to look far! The NewEights Inspirational Christian Guitar Picks Collection Set is here for the taking! How are you able to use these awesome guitar picks?

• As plectrum and to help you create better music as you play.

• To add to your collection of guitar picks if you have one.

• Put in your wallet as a constant reminder.

• As charms for bracelets and necklaces or any kind of jewelry.

We, at NewEights, take pride in providing top of the range musical accessories so you can never go wrong with us! And as a show of good faith, we can give you a 60-DAY RISK FREE MONEY BACK GUARANTEE when you order!

Key Features:

- These guitar picks have an inspiring message inscribed in it that will surely encourage you to create wonderful music. Cool and uplifting messages to encourage yourself, your friends, and your loved one.

- They are expertly made - Perfect for both electric and acoustic guitars – even the bass.

- These guitar picks are a great worth for value – picks are made from great quality materials at a cheaper price.

- Assorted picks in the package - Great selection to choose from. Contains 12 pieces of picks

- Consumer protection - comes with 60 days money back warranty!