Disposable Eyelash Mascara Wands Brush Set Series By New8Beauty (Pink & Black 100Pcs)

New8Beauty Disposable Eyelash Mascara Wands Protect Your Eyes by Choosing The Right Eyelash Mascara, Especially You Need to Makeup Frequently. Mascara wands get dirty and linty very quick and not easy to clean. For Great Results Every time, New8Beauty Disposable Eyelash Mascara is definitely the Right Choice For Professional Makeup Artist (MUA) and Any Ladies that Makeup regularly. Using New8Beauty Disposable Eyelash Mascara Wands is definitely more Hygienic; and Easy to Manage and Store as you don't have to wash your brush every time. Why Choose to Use Disposable Mascara Wands? - Perfect for Everyday usage, on the go, business trips, holidays, Wedding, Performance, Prom - Use them for curling, coating lashes - Perfect for separating eyelashes before and/or after mascara application - Keep your mascara clean and free of contamination - Replace old mascara wands - Use it when you are testing mascara at beauty retail shops, avoid cross-contamination amongst other mascara users - other usage: Use it to groom your brows - For Cosmetologist Makeup Artist, Makeup Academy, Beauty Expert, Celebrities, Hygiene Concern Makeup Lovers

Product Features:

PERFECT FOR PROFESSIONAL MUAs — If you’re a makeup artist and you find reusing mascara wands unhygienic, this 50-piece bulk pack will be perfect for you and will last you a long time.

Disposable and hygienic to use – Very clean and dispose wands after use.

GREAT FOR ON-THE-GO AND EVERYDAY USAGE —Included in this set is a high-quality reusable pouch which allows you to store away your mascara wands safely or to bring them with you anywhere you go.

DURABLE & OF PREMIUM QUALITY — Unlike other brands in the market, beauty products from New8Beauty are expertly crafted so even if these silicone and nylon mascara wands are disposable, they are still first-rate.

CUSTOMER PROTECTION - Comes with 60 days money back guarantee.