How to Install Ukulele Strap Button?

  1. Installing the Bolt

*If your instrument already has a bolt or peg for the strap at the base of the instrument skip section 1.

A – Use the screw to slowly start making a hole at the desired point where you wish to install the bolt. Go slowly as ukuleles often have very thin wood, you only need to get the screw in enough to where it stays in place. Remove screw.

B – Place the rubber washer over the hole you created and then place over the rubber washer the bolt with the smaller end touching the rubber washer and finally put the screw through the hole and screw it in until the bolt is secured.


  1. Putting on the Strap

A - Fix the end of the strap without the strings over the bottom bolt through the hole in the leather end piece of the strap.

B- Adjust the ring along the strap to extend strap length

C – Tie the strings to the ukulele by feeding through one string higher than the nut on your instrument under the instrument string, then take the over string and do the same thing only from the other side of the instrument.

D – Take both ends of the string and tie them securely to one another at the back of the head of the instrument. *This configuration of the tie is only a suggestion.

E – Put on the instrument and adjust the strap to your level of comfort and happy playing!