New8Store Product Review Contest

New8Store Product Review Contest

Thanks for purchasing from Amazon New8Store, and participating in this Amazon Product Review Program.

We appreciate our customers take time writing us an honest product review. These reviews are truly valuable to help more potential buyers understand our products and the user experiences.


What Are The Prizes?

We will reward each qualified product review $5 coupon OR FREE GIFT equivalent of $5 for his/her next purchase in Amazon. For every two months, we will announce the top product reviewer post and the review submitter will be given a $50 coupon OR FREE GIFT equivalent of $50 for his/her next purchase.


How and When Do We Know The Result?

The top product review post will be announced at our website, and all qualified product reviewer and winners will be notified via emails. (NOTE: Organizer reserves the right to adjust the top reviewer announcement date based on the responses of the contest, but qualified product review post will be notified within 7 business days, and $5 coupon code will be emailed once review is confirmed by organizer).


What Are Suggested Criterias to Include in Your Product Review?

Sharing and constructive feedback is the greatest gift we can give to someone. The best feedback is teh one that able to help readers understand more about the product features and quality that they may like to buy.

It will be really helpful if you can include your user experience on the product your purchased and used. For instances, how do you like the packaging, how do you like the look-and-feel, the quality of the product, how you use the product, what other features or ways you can think of to better use the product, the product guarantee, and the seller customer service, and etc.


It is HIGHLY RECOMMEND if you can upload a short PRODUCT REVIEW VIDEO or PICTURES to elaborate your text.


How to Submit Your Product Review To This Contest?

Simply fill up the contest form below and hit the Submit button. (Please email to for any questions.

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