VIP Product Review Program

Welcome to New8Store VIP Product Review Program!


As we thrive to improve the quality of our products for our value customers, we have established a VIP Product Review Program.


How to Sign Up?

Send an email to with Subject: Apply for New8Store VIP Product Review Program.

Once you are accepted, we will send you an official invitation to join this program. Periodically, we will send you our newly launched product(s) for FREE to let you review them.

An email will be sent to you for follow up, to gather information on your interest and product categories you like to review.


How to Conduct Product Review?

For your reference, a product review guideline will be sent to you regarding to the criteria and To Do List on how to review a product. 

You will be given a deadline on when you need to submit the product review summary, either in the form of written text or video recording. 

You are encouraged to provide an honest product review, as your feedback will continue to help us improve our offerings to our exiting and future customers.

Your feedback is important to us. Without your feedback, our business will not exist and do the best to serve our customers.

We sincerely thank you for participating in this program.