Baby Burp Cloths Bibs (3 Pack)

Baby Burp Cloths Bibs (3 Pack)

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"Wow, so Thick! It's Double Layers!" "Super absorbent!" "BEST burping cloths hands down-- for baby or yourself!" "I have ordered two more sets so that I know I have plenty around the house for baby feeding, burping my baby, bathing or just fast face washing."
Struggle with other inferior quality burp cloths?

Not happy with your burp cloths that not thick and fluff and large enough?

Your search for the perfect burping cloths is finally over! We did exhaustive research so we could bring you a Double Layer Thickness burping cloths. There's nothing else quite like it.

Why Is Charis Kid Burping Cloths /Burping Bibs So Unique?

-Double Layer Thickness & Protection - made with two soft, thick & super absorbent outer 100% Terry cotton layers. It I so SOFT and ABSORBENT; and it is thicker, fluffier and larger than a lot of burping cloths in the market!

- Excellent craftsmanship, 100% Handmade
- Colorful 3 Pack Value Set - 3 different unisex colors (Blue, Red, and Orange) that fits both boys and girls. You can use lighter colors as burping cloths; and the darker colors for feeding split and drool.
- Made with Non-toxic material, and easy to care for as it is to use.
- FREE Baby Care eBook

How to use them?

- Use as burp cloths when you burp baby during / after feeding milk
- Use as large Wash Cloths to Wipe for feeding spit up and drool
- Use burping cloths for Baby Teething - babies can chew on when their gums hurt to relieve teething pain
- Wipe baby's face and neck as warm burping cloths or during bathtime
- Wipng after a wet diaper
- Use as cross stitch or embroidery projects.

60 days Money Back Warranty! Just place your order and Get Them RISK FREE NOW!