Books of the Bible Reference Card (60 Pack)
Books of the Bible Reference Card (60 Pack)
Books of the Bible Reference Card (60 Pack)

Books of the Bible Reference Card (60 Pack)

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  • COMFORTABLE & DURABLE: Made of 100% Pure Cotton and Authentic Leather, this strap won’t hurt your arm even when you wear for a long time and will also last longer compared to other brands!
  • COLORFUL & ADJUSTABLE: Not only do the NewEights Ukulele Straps come in various colors, but they can also be extended up to 124cm or 49 inches and will therefore fit anyone quite perfectly.
  • WITH FREE EXCLUSIVE GIFTS: Once you buy any ukulele strap from New8Store, you get a free strap button and an exclusive eBook entitled "The Beginner's Guide for Playing the Ukulele".
  • COMPATIBLE WITH ALL UKULELES: No matter what kind of ukulele you have, whether it is a Soprano (21"), Concert (23"), Tenor (26"), or a Baritone (30") Ukulele, this strap will be well-suited for it.
  • MONEY BACK GUARANTEE: Though with NewEights you’re sure to get premium quality products, we will still give you a 60-Day Unconditional Money Back Guarantee as a show of good faith.


Ukulele Strap Pure Cotton Colorful Strap with Leather End (49 inches) - Brown

Do you like to play the Ukulele? But you...
—Struggle with holding the uke comfortably against you?
—Can't seem to get a good grip and your ukulele slips a lot?
—Try to hold on to your uke and end up giving yourself tendonitis?
—Are unable to change chords quickly while trying to hold onto your ukulele?
—Keep worrying that your uke will drop on your foot?

Don't worry! We have the solution!
NewEights Ukulele Strap can solve your problem!

Why use NewEights Ukulele Strap?
• COMFORTABLE & DURABLE: The Ukulele strap is 100% Pure Cotton and the trap head is Authentic Leather!
• ADJUSTABLE LENGTH: The strap can be extended up to 49 inches/124cm, and therefore, it can be adjusted to fit most teenagers and adults comfortably.
• FREE GIFTS: You get a Strap Button, and an Ebook entitled "The Beginner's Guide to Playing the Ukulele" once you buy a Ukulele strap.
• COLORFUL DESIGN: It comes in Various Colors that will fit both male and female ukulele players.
• COMPATIBLE WITH VARIOUS HAWAIIAN UKULELE (S , C , T , B): Suitable for: Soprano (21"), Concert (23"), Tenor (26"), and Baritone (30").

Product Specifications:
Width: 1.5 inches
Length: 49 inches / 4 feet
(LEngth can be adjusted from 36" to 49")


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