New8Beauty Nail Brush (4-Pack) - Nail Hand Scrubbing Cleaning Brush


Keep Your Nails in Tip-top Condition! Use Nail Scrub Brush to clean your fingernails and toenails.

• Made from high quality material.
• Easy to use, store and clean.

Acquiring perfect fingernails and toenails are possible, even if you are not going to nail salons. Yes, you can absolutely do it at home by using certain tool that will make the process feel like you are at a spa!

Our New8Beauty Nail Scrub Brushes are known to be very effective in cleaning your nails. This package contains 4 pieces of nail scrub brushes and comes with 60 days money-back warranty!

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New8Beauty Nail Brush (4-Pack) - clean the hands and under the nails, also can be used to dust nails after filing or cleaning small areas

Convenient and comfortable for you to remove dirt from your hands, feet, nails, etc

Ergonomic design, easy grip and easy to clean. Easy Grip plastic handle, easily hang them on your bathroom hooks with the handle

Can be used together with Antifungal Soap with Tea Tree Oil, to help Treat & Wash Away Athletes Foot, Ringworm, Nail Fungus

Exfoliate your nails, hands, toes with these amazing nail scrub brushes