New8Beauty Nail Remover Clip

New8Beauty Nail Remover Clip

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Let's be honest, a beautiful set of, long, natural, healthy nails looks classy and sexy. Immaculately manicured long nails say a lot about your personal style and confidence. We know growing long, healthy nails can be a challenge. If you are addicted to nail polish at some point there is a need for nail polish remover. Introducing New8Beauty Nail Polish Remover Clip in removing your nail polish. You just need to soak cotton with a nail polish remover and apply it to your nails. Make sure to cover the entire nail bed and then use the clips. These clips are reusable and perfect for removing a nail polish safely and more efficiently. So no worries using heavy colors! Now you can get a strong nail by taking off your nail polish before it damage your nails! A perfect nail art tool set for a fashionable woman and girl! If you are looking for a perfect tool to remove your nail polish, this is perfect for you!

Product Features:

More clips in the package - Contains #10 pieces of acrylic nail polish remover clips.

No hassle figuring out how to use them - Very user friendly, easy and safe to use.

Disposable and great quality materials - Made from plastic material and very reusable.

Great for any users - Suitable for both home and professional use.

Customer protection warranty - comes with 60 days money back guarantee.