New8Beauty Nail Striping Tape 6-Pack

New8Beauty Nail Striping Tape 6-Pack

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Achieve the Nail Art of your Dreams without any HASSLES!!

Many nail art designs require you to be able to make thin or thick stripes on your nails. Nail striping Masking Tape can be used to decorate the nail with strips of tape, or can be used as a masking tape, to create striping effects on the nail. Let us introduce you to your new favorite beauty tool the NewEights Nail Striping Tape 6 - Pack.

This tool can be used to decorate nail with stripes a gold stripe. It can absolutely give you the infinite joy of nail art and design. How to use the nail art stripping tape:

• Place the tape strips on the nails.
• Gently press them on to remove any air bubbles or annoying bumps.

The package comes with 60 days money-back warranty!

What are you waiting for? Get now perfectly consistent and even stripes with NewEights Nail Stripes.

Product Features

- COOL PATTERN - Chevron tapes design pattern

- 6 GORGEOUS COLORS - includes Black, Gold, Silver, Red, Blue and White colors

- CONSUMER PROTECTION - Comes with a 60 days money back warranty.