New8Beauty Toe Separators Toe Spacers (12 Pairs)


Perfect for separating toes when giving pedicures!

• support flawless polish application in the nail salon or spa
• Perfect for separating toes when giving pedicures
• No smudging when drying when using these separators

Acquiring perfect fingernails and toenails are possible, even if you are not going to nail salons. Yes, you can absolutely do it at home by using certain tool that will make the process feel like you are at a spa!

The package contains 12 pairs of toe separators and comes with 60 days money-back warranty!

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Product Features

FOAM TOE SEPARATORS (12-Pairs) - Toe dividers

Soft Foam and pretty colors Toe Spacers - for comfort and flexibility, can truly enjoy your waiting to dry time

Perfect toe dividers for keeping toes apart when applying nail polish, at home or professional nail salons use

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