New8Beauty Wig Caps 4-Pack
New8Beauty Wig Caps 4-Pack
New8Beauty Wig Caps 4-Pack

New8Beauty Wig Caps 4-Pack

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  • Stocking stuffers for Women - Package contains 4 pieces of wig caps. You have enough caps before your next shopping!
  • One size fits all - Caps are stretchy enough to fit large heads.
  • Comfortable and convenient to use.
  • Secures your hair - wig caps keep your hair in place and prevents it from rubbing against your scalp. IT is so easy to wear and wash.
  • Consumer protection guarantee - Comes with 60 days money back guarantee



Secures Your Hair Under Wigs and are Designed to Fit Comfortably!

• One size fits all.
• Comfortable and convenient to use..
• Multiple packs in the package.

Wigs offer a great option for those who love to make a fashion statement, suffer from hair loss or need convenience in their daily routines. Today's wigs have come a long way from their heavy predecessors. Modern technology has delivered light, comfortable wigs in natural looking colors and styles.

However, whether your hair is long or short, wearing a wig cap is very important in keeping your hair in place while wearing a wig. Wig caps keep your hair from rubbing against the scalp or worst break your hair. Thus, if you have longer hair, a wig cap is a must have because it holds and secures your hair in place and keeps the hair from slipping.

Another reason the wig cap ensures cleanliness of the wig since it separates the wig from the scalp. The cap also keeps the wig in perfect shape by eliminating the bumps or lumps. To use it, place on the head and tuck or wrap hair under the wig cap for a comfortable fit.

This product comes with a 60 days money back guarantee. If you are not satisfied, you can return them to us for a full refund.

If you are into wigs, get buy our New8Beauty Wig Caps 4-Pack to secure your hair NOW!

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