NewBeauty Silicone Mascara Wands - Tower Shaped

If you desire to achieve a flawless and perfect eyelash, there is a tendency to get overwhelmed and overdo it. Putting as much mascara may likely not look good on you. As you will quickly figure out, achieving perfect and flawless eyelashes lies not within the mascara only, but also the type of mascara wands that you used during the application. There are so many tricks and myths out there on how to achieve perfect and flawless eyelashes, but if you want to to look seductive and achieve a dramatic look, then, New8Beauty Silicone Mascara Wands - Tower Shaped is the right mascara wands for you! These wands can also be used to separate lashes before and after mascara application as well as for eyebrows' grooming. This is a great worth for your money... The package contains 50 pieces of mascara wands and comes with 60 days money-back warranty!