NewEights Melody Comfortable Guitar Strap with Leather End for Girls Women - Best for Acoustic, Classical and Electric Guitars

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Guitar Strap with Leather Ends for Girls Women

- Pure Cotton Pink Yellow Orange Colors

  • VERY COMFORTABLE AND STURDY ON SHOULDER ESPECIALLY IN STANDING POSITIONS. The strap is made with 100% Pure Cotton Fabric and Leather Ends. You can put the strap on your shoulder and play for a long time and never feel shoulder pain. The strap will never slip down from shoulder easily.
  • FULLY ADJUSTABLE LENGTH TO FIT ALL BODY SIZES. They fit all acoustic electric guitars and basses, resonator guitars, banjos, mandolins. Fully adjustable length (44"-60") provides a versatile fit for most players. Long enough and adjustable to fit most length. The adjustable length is between 10-14 inches.
  • HIGH GRADE LEATHER ENDS - Made with high quality leather, it is very durable and practical. Classic black color leather ends and its shape are very stylish and practical. The leather ends are soft enough to fit over the buttons on a guitar easily.
  • Best for Acoustic, Classical and Electric Guitars
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