NewEights Sports Inspirational Quotes Guitar Picks (12-Pack)

NewEights Sports Inspirational Quotes Guitar Picks (12-Pack)

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  • Stocking Stuffers for Men and Women Guitarists – sports themed guitar picks with inspiring message written on them that will surely encourage the user to create wonderful music. Cool and uplifting messages to encourage yourself, your friends, and your loved one.
  • Expertly made - perfect for both electric and acoustic guitars – even the bass.
  • Premium Quality picks – made from celluloid which is the best and the premier pick material.
  • Assorted picks in the package - Great selection to choose from. Contains 12 pieces of picks
  • Consumer protection - comes with 60 days money back warranty!


NewEights Sports Inspirational Slogan Guitar Picks offers you wonderful set of sports inspirational quote-themed guitar picks. These sports themed guitar picks are a great addition to your pick collection or just something to give to someone who is into sports and music.
This comes with 12 pieces of two sided design picks with quotes and designs both in front and back of the picks. If you are into baseball, football or swimming, like many other sports legends, everyone needs motivation to move forward.
These picks are also a perfect gift for a rock star friend or family members and encourage them to love sports or pick up the guitar and strum their next song.
So whether you want someone to be motivated to elevate their passion for their team or sports or play their guitar in style, then these picks are the right choice.

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