Charis Kid Portable Diaper Changing Pad

Charis Kid Portable Diaper Changing Pad

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You will need this if you …
• Worry about getting a mess on the sheets or mattress during diaper changing?
• Nervous about the billions of germs flying around on the public changing tables?
• Tired of keep changing your bedsheet when there’s a poo-diaper disaster?
• When there is no changing shelf available in places such as airplane bathroom, floors, guest beds, on uneven ground outside, and the like
• Looking for a great baby shower gift or gift for your baby registry
• Want to make your life easier

With CHARIS KID Diaper Changing Mat, you can now turn any surface into a changing table!
Grab a few of these portable, reusable, easy-to-wipe-clean changing pads and use them in the diaper bag, downstairs, public rest rooms, and in the cars!
Life made easy with this mat!!!