Spanish Religious Bible Quotes Bookmarks for Doing The Impossible (RVR1960)

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Great Variety of Bookmarks about Doing the Impossible in Spanish Language.

• Well designed.
• Very encouraging.
• Great texts to ponder upon.

Designs come with biblical texts in Spanish dialect:

Lucas 1:37
Filipenses 4:13
1 Juan 4: 4
Marcos 11:24
Deuteronomio 15: 6
2 Corintios 12: 9
Mateo 17:20
Filipenses 4:19
Marcos 10 : 27
Jeremías 32:17
Lucas 18:27
Isaías 55:11

These verses are a good place to start if you want to learn about biblical principles about how you can be successful. We compiled Spanish bible verses to gain a better understanding of how God defines success, and how we can truly succeed in life. These bookmarks are a handy collection of Spanish scripture texts which are perfect lift if you're struggling for success or unsure about whether your plans are faith-centred. Learn what God has to say about success and how you can achieve whatever God has planned for your life.

Alternatively, memorizing biblical texts in Spanish is a rewarding way to learn language and discover more about Spanish-speaking cultures. These full-color bookmarks are a great way to mark your page and a source of encouragement during tough times. Our page markers are made from quality material, very lightweight and colorful designs.

Not only that these bookmarks do more than just marking a place in a book, but they can also be used as a piece of reminder, encouragement and wisdom. In fact, these are designed to inspire, help teach and share inspiration and encouragement messages. They can be a fun gift or a great teaching resource for the church family or other friends, and neighbors too! Get yours NOW!


SPANISH RELIGIOUS BIBLE QUOTES BOOKMARKS FOR DOING THE IMPOSSIBLE (RVR1960) - 6 unique designed bookmarks. Designs include inspirational texts: Lucas 1:37, Filipenses 4:13, 1 Juan 4: 4, Marcos 11:24, Deuteronomio 15: 6, 2 Corintios 12: 9, Mateo 17:20, Filipenses 4:19, Marcos 10 : 27, Jeremías 32:17, Lucas 18:27, Isaías 55:11.

BOOKMARKS WITH UNIQUE DESIGNS & PRINTED ON BOTH SIDES. Front and back of the bookmark displays the quoted biblical texts that are designed to encourage the user. Great stuffers for men and women.

SUPERIOR PREMIUM QUALITY. Each bookmark card is printed on high-quality 300gsm card stock for elegance. These bookmarks are double-sided water resistant coated (on the front and back sides) for extra durability and water resistant protection. The size / dimension of the bookmarks is approximately 7 inches x 2 inches (18 cm x 5.4 cm).

GREAT MEANINGFUL GIFT & GIVE AWAY. These cards can be used for for many purposes, including bookmarks, encouragement cards, bible verse memorization, mailouts, church ministries, & events like senior elderly ministries, teen ministries, women / ladies ministry , Christian stocking stuffers and more.

MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE. This item comes with a 60 days money back guarantee.