Spanish Smile God Loves You Stickers (10 Sheets) - Sunday School Giveaways for Kids and Children

Assorted Mega Pack of Christian Affirmation Stickers in Spanish language

¡Sonríe, Dios te ama!
Jesús te ama
Confía en el Señor
Soy un hijo de Dios
Dios es capaz
Jesús salva
Jesús es mi salvador
Camina con JESÚS
Confíe plenamente en Dios Isaías 26:4
Nosotros pertenecemos a Jesús
¡Se fuerte y valiente! Josué 1:9
Jesús siempre estará contigo


• Well designed.
• Very encouraging.

Spanish Smile God Loves You stickers are super fun to collect; you can't have just one! That's why you will find a selection of stickers right here. Each package comes with different stickers in a variety of designs. Stick them here, stick them there, stick them everywhere! The kids will love these self-adhesive stickers that help kids remember God’s love to them. These colorful stickers are perfect for kids - With their inspiring messages and bright pictures.

These are small stickers that make a big statement of child’s Christian faith! A fun, inexpensive way to add a decorative, Christian-inspired touch to scrapbooks, notes, and stationery. Delight your kids with uplifting messages designs that are very encouraging. NewEights Spanish Smile God Loves You perfect for giveaways, behavior incentives, prizes, Sunday schools and bible studies! These stickers are acid-free, non toxic, and safe for use on photos.

This product comes with a 60 days money back guarantee. If you are not satisfied, you can return them to us for a full refund.
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NEWEIGHTS SPANISH SMILE GOD LOVES YOU - 12 uniquely designed stickers. Individual Sticker Size: 2.1x2.0 inches. Designs include Scripture texts: ¡Sonríe, Dios te ama, Jesús te ama, Confía en el Señor, Soy un hijo de Dios, Dios es capaz, Jesús salva, Jesús es mi salvador, Camina con JESÚS, Confíe plenamente en Dios Isaías 26:4, Nosotros pertenecemos a Jesús, ¡Se fuerte y valiente! Josué 1:9, Jesús siempre estará contigo. Great reminder for yourself or others and very useful witnessing tool.

PREMIUM QUALITY. Stickers are made from quality materials and they are self-adhesive and comes in 10 sheets.

SAFE FOR CHILDREN. Stickers contain no acid or lignin. Long lasting and perfect for scrapbooking and Sunday schools!

GREAT INSPIRATIONAL AND ENCOURAGING GIFT IDEA. Stickers are a great gift for any loved one or friends.

MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE. This item comes with a 60 days money back guarantee.