Ukulele Fretboard Note Decals

Our innovative NewEights Ukulele Fretboard is the best answer if you are looking for help in playing perfectly the notes and avoid hitting the wrong note when playing your ukulele. Let’s face it, as a musician; it is your dream to play your notes perfectly, without any mistakes. NewEights Ukulele Fretboard is designed to help new ukulele players to learn the notes on the Ukulele fingerboard faster and easier and know how to play your instrument better! This is an easier reference to use instead of flipping through a book. To ensure fast and easy guitar fretboard memorization, NewEights Ukulele Fretboard is perfect for you!


- Multiple colors: Fit for all Ukulele Innovative Fretboard Note Decal and the colors help you learn ukulele and master the fretboard fast and easily!

- Super wear-resistant - Great materials and ensures easy and fast learning and they are waterproof and ultra-durable.

- Imported glue material – This is ensures no glue residue so the cardboard will have no damage

- Great design and very user friendly - Easy to install and removed can be re-pasted. Ultrathin: thickness 0.05mm, does not affect play.

- Package contents: 1 X Ukulele Fretboard Note and comes with 60 days money back warranty.