Ukulele Strap Pure Cotton Colorful Strap with Leather End - Length: 49in - Fits Hawaiian Uke Soprano Concert Tenor and Baritone

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Like to play Ukulele? But...

- Struggle with holding the uke comfortably against you?
- Can't seems to get a good grip and finding your ukulele slipping a lot?
- Trying to hold on to your Uke and giving yourself a tendonitis?
- Can't seems to changing chords quickly while constantly trying to hold onto your ukulele?
- Worry that Uke will drop on your foot?

No worry! We have the solution!

NewEights Ukulele Strap can solve your problem!

  • HIGH QUALITY & COMFORTABLE: The Ukulele strap is made with 100% Pure Cotton. The trap head is made with authentic leather! It is very durable and last longer!
  • SOLID BUILT & FLEXIBLE: Can be extended up to 124cm. Therefore, it can be adjusted to fits most teenagers and adults (both males and females) comfortably. The ukulele won't easily dropped when standing up & playing or during body movements.
  • Ukulele strap button
  • COLORFUL DESIGN & COMPATIBLE WITH VARIOUS HAWAIIAN UKULELE: Unisex Colors that fits both male and female ukulele players /musician. Suitable for: Soprano (21'), Concert (23'), Tenor (26'), and Baritone (30').
  • 60 Days Unconditional Money Back Guarantee!

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How to Install Ukulele Strap Button