Ukulele Strings Set For Standard Size Soprano Tenor Concert

Ukulele Strings Set For Standard Size Soprano Tenor Concert

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The use of good quality of strings on your ukulele can make a difference in the way they sound. Depending on the type of ukulele you have, it is very important to choose the perfect and right ukulele strings. Low quality of ukulele strings can make the sound unappealing and disappointing. With the advent of NewEights Ukulele strings, you can now enjoy the music on your ukulele and bring your ukulele playing to the next level! Our picks are manufactured with fine quality and state of art and they are perfectly designed for both pro and beginners in ukulele playing. Get yours now!

Product Features:

Made from durable and unique material Guaranteed that materials used are quality and durable resulting in more clarity and improved sound dynamics.

Great sounding nylon material Each of the string within the set is crafted from a dense and fine quality nylon material perfect for easy tuning!

Nice feel on the nylon strings Offer excellent strumming and picking and they are designed to meet the picking and strumming needs of both professional or beginner players.

Suitable for most Standard Size ukulele including Soprano, Tenor, and Concert Optimized any type of ukulele with unsurpassed reputation for quality and consistency.

60 days satisfaction guarantee - with full refund if you are not satisfied with performance.