Unique Girly Guitar Picks for Girls Set 12-pack - Medium Size Celluloid

Unique Girly Guitar Picks for Girls Set 12-pack - Medium Size Celluloid

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Guitar picks have the power to make your guitar sound better In order to achieve the wow performance,you need to find guitar picks that are more comfortable. If there's one thing every beginner should know about selecting the best picks for a guitar for their skill level is that they should never hold back on quality. If you want to do some serious guitar picking you need a durable and quality picks. NewEights Designer Guitar Picks 12 – Packs, you can choose your favorite pick style and color with NewEights’ variety pack featuring designer pick designs. With an assortment of 12 guitar picks, you can mix and match until you find the perfect fit for your style and your instrument. Our guitar picks are made from quality celluloid material. Celluloids are known for its traditional feel and creates a warm and round musical tone. If you love variety and style of picks without sacrificing the musical sound, these picks are perfect for you!


- Cool Girly Guitar Picks

- Premium Quality picks – made from celluloid which is the best and the premier pick material.

- Creates nice music – it has a smooth striking surface and supplies a round and warm sound.

- Perfect size for both beginners and pro users - Comes in many different styles and colors to match your specific playing needs.

- Buyer protection – comes with a 60 days money back guarantee.