Charis Kid Burp Cloths

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Charis Kid Burp Cloths

Though everyone has different ways of raising kids and philosophies about the ‘things’ that are really needed for newborns, when it comes to indispensable baby items there are a few things that seem to be on everyone’s list; diapers of some kind, wipes, blankets and burp cloths. Some first timers think that washcloths or blankets can serve double duty as burp cloths, until that 3am spit up happens in the dark and the blanket is conveniently wrapped around the babe, or when an afternoon outing turns messy when a feed goes sour and there is not a washcloth in sight. It is moments like these that have taught even the most stalwart that burp cloths are a vital part of the parenting arsenal – and having the right one can mean all the difference in dry cleaning a new blouse, or turning that thick and handy, all-purpose cloth, over.

Charis Kid knows the importance of these seemingly trivial additions to the diaper bag – and how much they will eventually come to mean to a new parent. That is why Charis Kid has constructed our burp cloths the way we have, we’ve been there, done that – and we want to make sure you can come through those trenches as clean as possible. Made of double layered, 100% Premium Terry Cloth Cotton, these burp cloths are sturdy, reliable and thick enough to handle whatever you, or your little one, can throw at them.

Charis Kid Burp Bibs

Unlike some burp cloths available on the market today, Charis Kid burp cloths are suitably thick and incredibly absorbent. They maintain their structure and shape while still offering supreme softness with naturally hypoallergenic material that is perfect for your baby’s delicate skin, or even an adult’s sensitive skin. These can be used anywhere and for most anything and since they are available in an array of attractive, vibrant unisex colors, they will look fashionable in a nursery, a diaper bag or even on the kitchen counter.

Offering a 100% Satisfaction 60 Day money back Guarantee, Charis Kid burp cloths are a risk free, affordable way to give the best to your baby, and make the ideal gift for Baby Showers.

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