Charis Kid Diaper Changing Pad


While many locations have joined the modern world by providing changing areas or tables, many places still have not, and often, those that are available are less than clean or just not something that you would want your most precious love coming into contact with. The solution seems simple, carry a portable Diaper Changing Pad with you – expect many of the Diaper Pads available on the market today lack padding, space and storage. At Charis Kid, we recognize these fundamental difficulties and have created the Charis Kid Diaper Changing Pad to meet that challenge. 

Made of attractive, easy to clean and durable material, the Charis Kid Diaper Changing Pad is truly the portable solution to this most vexing problem. It opens to an impressive 30” x 23” expanse with 20” of that 30” width serving as the cushioned portion of the pad, giving ample room for your babe, from their smallest newborn size to the moving and grooving size of toddlerhood. The other 10” on the right hand side is part of what makes the Charis Kid Diaper Changing Pad so innovative, useful and unique. On the top and bottom are two mesh pockets perfectly sized to hold extra diapers, wipes, wash clothes or even a spare set of baby cloths. In the middle is a solid panel sporting an elastic band with four loops suited for rolled up wash clothes, diaper creams, ointments, brushes, a rolled onesie, trash bags or any other needed parenting item. When the diaper is changed and the messes cleaned up, the pad folds flat and truly compact, secured with Velcro enclosures and can be slipped into the side of the Diaper Bag or attached to the handle of a stroller with the convenient Velcro Strap.


Parents know the importance of being prepared; messes can, and do, happen anywhere. From the highest star restaurant to that special family gathering at the holidays, kids are ready and willing to join the celebration in the stickiest, sloppiest and most messy way possible – and it pays to be ready. The Charis Kid Diaper Changing Pad is that preparation. Stylish, compact and easy to use, it makes the perfect gift for new parents to be or even the most experienced parents with a new addition to their growing families.

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